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It seems like I'm dying.

I'm only 32... and might be dying.

My heart is acting strange. There are palpitations plaguing me--scaring me into staying up late and worrying.

I'm not afraid of death, just pain. How long will I be in pain and how long will I have to endure it? Will I see supernatural beings to torment me?

I don't know. Death isn't scary, the process is though.


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It just occurred to me that Jarl Balgruuf the Greater is probably bisexual or gay, and that Nazeem, with what can be made of his comments and his wife's comments, might be sleeping with him. I mean c'mon, Balgruuf is an important older widowed man and Nazeem is a sycophantic younger man wealthy man who's fucking gorgeous. As annoying as Nazeem can be, I would admit, I would tap that boody.

I might be wrong.

But if I'm not, then wow Bethesda. That's different than what you usually do with gay characters. Usually you guys have them tragically die. I mean, Bethesda I used to call y'all  the masters of the "bury your gays" trope of the gaming world. But here is a possible good portrayal of gay and bisexual men.


Fuck Yo Bait and Switch

If you use a non-White character as a side piece of your bait and switch white dick fencing endgame pairing fic, hell no I won't read it.

But if I do read it, don't be surprised that I don't give a shit about the romance between the two white male characters.

I'm going to be inquiring about the well-being of the non-White character that got dumped or cheated on and then never to be heard from again.

Or worse, still single and still heartbroken, not allowed to find love and happiness again because it's not your main interest and you just needed an antagonist so why not use the non-White guy/gal?

Don't be surprised when I write something loosely based off of your story that gives dignity, love, and happiness, to non-White characters and their fans.