An Endless Cycle

Depressed person: *visibly upset and weeping*
Other person: *runs away*

Depressed person: *wishes someone would ask if they're okay if they want to talk*
Other person: *keeps far the fuck away*

Depressed person: *more waves of depression it and negative thoughts start breeding like rabbits*
Other person: *chilling far the fuck away*

Depressed person: *seriously thinks they're worthless and should be destroyed; all negative thoughts about self seem to be true*
Other person: *never fucking wonders if depressed person is okay*

Depressed person: *after a week of crying and looking up suicide methods and trying to cut the pain out of their flesh, and deciding to try to hang on a little longer* Hey.
Other person: Oh hey. I was just giving you your space. I hear that's healthy.

Depressed person: Yeah sure is. *wishes Other person was forced to feel the pain and loneliness they went through*
Other person: We cool?
Depressed person: *faked* Yes.
Other person: Yay!


No I am not saying Depressed person is Other person's responsibility nor am I saying Other person doesn't have their own problems. I'm just showing how being ignored and left for dead helps a depressed person's thoughts snowball for the worst.

Sometimes when you think you'e doing a good thing, you're actually not. I for one can not blame a depressed person for feeling abandoned and alone when they're going through an episode and was really needing to NOT be alone. This excludes the manipulative ones.


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