Zootopia Problems

Zootopia is a very complicated story to tell with animals... cause on the one hand I feel bad for predators, but on the other hand, they're predators. It's what they do--prey on and eat others.

So I'm wondering... were we meant to feel sorry for predators and dismiss the want for prey animals to feel safe? The prey animals are portrayed as hateful and basically racist ass nazis, but the predator animals are a legit concern!

I don't know what this movie is trying to do or how, but for people in real life who are victims of racism... being subliminally told that your want and need for safety from nazis and racist oppressors makes you just as bad or worse?

The visuals were good though... liked the character designs. Some of the jokes were overplayed and cheesy. But still, the movie's message is muddied, confused, and tone-deaf.


I do believe...


... that if I close my eyes, I should not be seeing Albert Einstein. I also should not be seeing Nicola Tesla.

Yet their faces appeared to me as I tried to keep myself from falling asleep after two minutes of being awake. First Einstein--partially visible like a ghost--on a cosmic background, stars and nebula. As I tried to make sense of it--and recall his theory of relativity even though I'm science dumb and math dumb--he vanishes. Then Tesla face appears in the same manner shaking his head, as I mentally rambled on about Einstein's theories and fought against sleepiness.

It's been about 6 hours since then. I'm still dazed and confused. Also, I think I will be refreshing on math and science.


A Little Poem for Bullies

In crazy town, if you dislike a creepy rape-y song, the sociopaths will attempt to eat you alive with no doubts,

Pity them then, when your skin becomes toxic and you grow sharp thorns to slit their throats from the inside-out.


There must be something in my state's water to take an innocent comment and turn it into a bash fest in which someone has to defend themselves from slander and libel. Or maybe the internet just allows some people feel big enough to bully others. I don't know.

Stuff like this happens to me a lot (in real life and online) though. I'll say something that's a mere pittance--innocent really and suddenly people can't read or they ascribe actions/beliefs to me that I didn't do/don't hold and literally no one will go back, reread and apologize.

People can be so shitty sometimes. And, I'm amazed I did not curse anyone out though I wanted to... I really wanted to cause I mean... they're stupid. Who the hell pretends for an X number of exchanges that the original comment was calling for censorship?

Oh well. Got my last word in at FB and now I have a nice LJ poem about the incident.

If there's any narcissists in that audience, they'll be predictably offended that anyone asserts in any way they deserve to be treated the same way they treated their victims. Trust me, it gets their goat every time because they know they were shitty people.


Not a day doesn't go by without the fallout 4 fandom being absolutely vile...

Scapegoating a Black character:
"The devs implemented feature/ game element in a bad way, so I'll bash Preston Garvey for it!"

Dehumanizing a Black character
"I don't like Preston Garvey's personality therefore he has none/has the personality of (inanimate object)!"

Black character does the role devs gave him:
"Preston gives me alerts for a job I agreed to therefore he's ordering my lazy gamer ass around and I can't stand taking any orders from blaaaack people!"


My God, may these nasty bags of herpes be treated as badly and unfairly as they treat Preston Garvey. No excuses and no fucks given. Fuck these pieces of crotch rot.

(no subject)

So it just occurred to me, after going through the comments on various YouTube videos, that Feminism is more hated than things that actually are bad. By things that are actually bad I mean things like fascism, nazism, honor killings, rape, pedophilia, homophobia, and the list goes on... trust me. All I know is that to misogynistic men and their handmaidens, Feminism is a by far greater evil and as such it needs to be misconstrued, slurred, and its followers need to be raped, beaten, silenced, and other things that are awful. Just to be clear, many of these men would presumably support free speech--yet here they are inciting (sexual) violence in order to shut down speech that offends them.

Seemingly, there's no rhyme or reason behind this hatred. Some point to the idea that "unfeminine" or "gnc" women are displeasing to men's penises if they're not gussied up in femininity (both looks and behavior)--as if looks should determine a person's worth or rights! Others point to the divide and conquer tactic "western women being privileged over non-western women" and other such divides that try to take western women's attention off of guarding their fragile gains.

Recently, and as an extension of western women vs the rest of the world's women, men (both MRAs and TRAs) have hijacked #whitefeminism from non-white women. Instead of it being a criticism of how to integrate and negotiate between white and non-white women, it has been stolen from non-white women and used as a cudgel against anyone questioning things that truly are unfeminist.

Whatever the case, I urge ALL women invested in the protections of female human rights to ignore these simpletons and their primal cries. Ignore their jests and lust for criminal actions toward women who speak out. Ignore their false equivalencies and their #watm pleas. You and your rights and well-being don't matter to them and their handmaidens--stay focused on the goal, stay focused on you. Female liberation crosses all races, abilities, sexuality, religions, and ethnicity--it is the idea that being female doesn't mean you should have little or no rights. This is something those assholes cannot misconstrue or erase.

And may the handmaidens (or "pick mes") who serve these bastards be afforded some enlightenment about the reality of their servitude toward these fucked up men.


Would you date an introvert/extrovert?

I consider myself extroverted mostly... and no I wouldn't date an introvert because introverts are horrible failed human beings. Let me explain...

I suffered abuse at the hands of an introverted NPD father. He always treated me like shit--like my thoughts and feelings didn't matter. He more than once inferred that he'd kill me as well as called me a bitch, slut, etc. He's prevented me from going to school on some days because more than once he had given me bruises and black eyes. He made fun of me for having learning disabilities (not related to being an extrovert) and instead of helping me (see specialists for ADHD) like a good parent would, he allowed me to struggle and fail so he could have something to bitch about. I now suffer form PTSD and depression because of him and his thoughtless cruel ways.

So I could not date an introvert because I'd fear they'd either be one of the ones that makes cruel hateful jokes about extroverts OR they'd be like my father the monster (#daddyissues put women at risk of dating men like their fathers). Either way, introverts terrify me and I'm appalled that extroverts got billed as oppressive boundary pushing monsters while introverts get told how special, oppressed, and intelligent they all are. Extroverts like me are just invisible trash to be crushed under an introvert's boot.

I don't hate introverts, but I am deeply wary of them.



Okay so I was doing some world-building and randomly the subject of immigration came to mind. So, I figured in my fictional countries there would be people fleeing violence, corruption or whatever "legally" and "illegally" into other countries.

In America (where I live), "illegal" immigrants are painted as bad people who are rapists, drug lords, etc. and well, that's not always true?--if it was true at all? We ended up having fucktarded Homeland security hunt people down like animals, destroy caches of supplies meant to help immigrants crossing the border, and of course Trump still wants his damn wall. I've also heard recently people who look like immigrants that have been here legally for generations are being deported but they say that never happens... xenophobia and racism run rampant I say.

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Beauty and the Beast: A Fallout 4 AU (prologue)

Disclaimer: Fallout 4 is owned by Bethesda and Zenimax studios. Beauty and the Beast is owned by Disney. Please don't sue me for this fan fiction as I do not make money off it and it is solely for the fan community's amusement as well as to rectify the racism towards non-White characters who write similar fan fictions.


A long time ago in a region known as the Capital Wasteland, there was a handsome young man named Arthur Maxson who lead a group of soldiers as their elder and they all lived in a building called the Pentagon. Arthur came to power several years after being sent away from the west to the east by his mother and proving himself as a capable leader. Arthur wished to help mankind recover from the ashes of nuclear war and prevent future atrocities, but as he grew up in the ruins of America he grew discontent.

No longer hopeful and bright, his heart hardened and his hatred for non-humans and even wastelanders grew. He put an order that all non-humans like ghouls and super mutants were to be killed on sight, friendly or not. He withdrew support from the wastes--even stopping project purity which would bring free clean water to the people of the Capital Wasteland. Nothing was spared in his hateful ambitions as Rivet city was sacked for its nuclear reactor which had supplied the city with power.

One day, as Arthur was overseeing the training of the newest brotherhood recruits, a super mutant happened by begging to be let in and tended to for it was injured. And Arthur, angered by the cowardice of his troops to not end the miserable monster's life as trained, flew toward the massive doors of the pentagon with his Gatling laser Final Judgement readied. The super mutant, massive and muscular, looked pitiful on the ground holding its wounds.

"Caps and food human... spare me and I will give you what I have." said the super mutant.

Elder Maxson scoffed. "How dare you come to the brotherhood of steel to ask for handouts when you know very well that we despise your kind! You're filth! Monster! An abomination! I would waste nary a blood pack nor stimpack on you or any other apocalypse spawned demon!"

"You call me a monster, but looks can be deceiving and actions can be damning."

"Too bad I don't care you hideous beast!"

And he opened fire. The bright red laser beams of Final Judgment danced, destroying everything in their path. When the dust and dirt cleared, nothing--not even a body remained--in the spot where the super mutant ailed. His troops cheered, suddenly remembering their cause and courage, vowing to not hesitate again.

Smiling confidently, Arthur turned around but caught sight of another super mutant standing in the doorway. It was the one from before--it now wore a clean blue suit fitted to its form and a newsboy cap as well as black rim glasses. Arthur was too beholden by the new aura of charisma surrounding the mutant to say anything else. The mutant pointed at him, hissing its words loudly so that all might hear:

"Hear me human. Because of your cruelty, and inability to love, you will be cursed to live as you hate." Holding out a stimpack in a sealed jar, the super mutant continued, "The change will be permanent by the time the fluid in this stimpack drains completely. You must find your humanity and learn to love before then to break the curse--do so quickly human."

And just as the super mutant appeared, it vanished. Elder Maxson, unsure of what had just happened, groaned and fell to his knees. His body began to shake, muscles and tendons began to shift and twist, reforming themselves. His body grew and his skin began to turn green as his hair fell out as if radiation sickness took hold. Through the pain of the shape shifting his thoughts became short and jumbled, and he screamed a horrendous scream.

The Pentagon was then swallowed in the thickest of smog and mountains of rubble surrounded it. Those who followed under Arthur's command began changing one by one. The scribes became animated terminals and medical equipment; the soldiers became their very suits of power armor, clanking about in terror at their fate. And Arthur, seeing all of this and despairing in his new form, fled to his quarters with the jar containing the stimpack, all the while cursing the mutant.

Ten years passed and all but legend forgot the Brotherhood of Steel and Elder Maxson stranded in the Pentagon. Settlements rose and fell, factions formed and disbanded, and war?

War never changes.


End of Prologue


t3h b1s R 3v1l!!

Link: www . psypost . org / 2018 / 03 / bisexual-women-tend-elevated-levels-sociosexuality-psychopathic-traits-50847

They claim this study won't have any ill effects for bi women or that they're not trying to paint bi women in a bad light... don't know if they mean it or if they're unaware of how this "study" will or can be used. People are in general, reactionary and stupid--no matter how enlightened or level headed they claim to be.

I guess I just want to know what methods they used to determine that bi women are psychopaths AND if they might be confusing other mental illnesses, personality disorders, and learning disabilities for psychopathy.

I don't know... I guess I'm just deeply worried cause on top of all the other stereotypes, psychopathy is a new one which a study backing it. Because of that backing, it's going to stick around longer, further isolating bi women from help and community like a prison cell made of shame.

Tale as Old as Time: Parody and the Racist

I'm deeply disturbed by [redacted descriptor] [redacted descriptor] fans. Before anyone says "don't like; don't read", I want to say I could read the title and summary, but that would not tell me alone if a story is badly written or if I will enjoy it or hate it. That said, "don't like; don't read" is unhelpful and rude to someone who wants to read a Beauty and the Beast parody that installs their favorite fandom into the story but may not know the author is sinister.

So I've noticed that [redacted descriptor] [redacted descriptor] fans will write a Beauty and the Beast parody or whatever, and take a guy like Finn from Star Wars and Preston Garvey from Fallout 4, and shove them into Gaston's role without thinking about how it looks or what a parody actually is and well...

Firstly, a parody works because a character from X fits perfectly into Y. Finn and Preston are definitely not good stand ins for someone like Gaston. If anything both Finn and Preston could be put into Belle's role because they fit better.

Except--in order to see that, a fan fiction author of the [redacted descriptor] [redacted descriptor] variety would have to drop their hatred of these two Black male characters, reexamine the canons in which these two characters exist as well as their backstories and actions, and put their hormones for white villains on hold.

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