I wish I had read the reviews before buying a phone and service from them. But I didn't so now I'm paying for a plan that (1) was not revealed to me early on and (2) can't be downgraded to a less expensive plan. I found this out after trying to log into my account for days and finding out an account user had to use Chrome's incognito mode to access the site.

When I bought the $30 dollar refurbished phone + ¢99 sim card, I did not see any plans listed. That should have been my first red flag. Instead I proceeded thinking the plans, if any after the free one-month trial, wouldn't be too much.

Well I was wrong. $89 dollar right off the bat--right on my free trial month. They did not mention this at all.

If reviews are any indication, Freedompop also charged people for services they did ask for and did not have any knowledge of until being charged. Worst of all, if you cancel your service you could be seeing charges from them years after


"Why don’t bi women date bi men?"

I saw that question on Tumblr today. I can't answer for every bi woman, but here's my answer as it pertains to me:


For the same reason I don’t try to date anyone else of any walk of life...

I’m not in a good position in life to date anyone.
I don’t want to bother anyone with my ADHD.
I have too much mental baggage from growing up in an abusive household.
I’m not attractive and can never hope to be.
I don’t like myself and I don’t think I’m good enough for anyone.
I’d rather be friends and sit around sharing hobbies like gaming or art.
I don’t trust easily and being gender critical while a good chunk of the western population is gung-ho trans ideology, makes it even harder.

I also like my space and privacy mostly. It would be too much trouble to let someone into my heart. One time I did--even over the internet--and it had disastrous results for me.

When I say "disastrous", I mean end-of-the-rope and praying to be hit by a train because I felt so worthless, disgusting, used, non-human, extremely insecure, etc. and it wasn't pretty. It took me a few years to heal up, but I still have the scars and the memories that haunt me.


And that's what I would put on my Tumblr if I had my original name.


The St. Louis Attack (Lesbophobia)

So... I don't care about misgendering to the extent that trans activists do. I don't care about anyone's real or imagined gender dysphoria. 

Being misgendered is not violence and it's not an excuse to commit a felony assault against someone. If you think it's a good reason to assault someone, there's something more serious than gender dysphoria going on in your head.

Get some fucking help.

I can't even tell you how many times I was misgendered (remember I am a PCOS, hairy, masculine female, that's ugly), harassed, assaulted by peers, assaulted by my father, ...and somehow, I managed to not beat the crap out of people. Somehow, despite my broken self, I manage to not be a violent fuckwit.

What these two individuals did was cowardly, depraved, and a disgusting example (among many others) of how and why trans activism is harmful to women--especially lesbians.

Now despite my distrust of non-bisexuals (G&L use us as bogeymen, T uses us for their gotchas and soldiers), I will always side with victims of REAL violence. In this case, a lesbian was assaulted by two trans identified females who went on to brag about it on Twitter.

My heart goes out to her and I hope she gets all the love and support she deserves. And I'm glad one of the assailants was fired from their job. Honestly... all this TERFs need to be punched, hanged, tortured, raped, etc. makes me hate the trans movement even more. They are anti-Feminist and nothing more than terrorists.


Tales from GaiaOnline

I have a story to tell from the before times--roughly fifteen years ago. Now, this wasn't the only experience that pushed me to #peaktrans but it was the most striking thing and I've kept it in the back of my mind all this time. Bear in mind, I was doing what I could to be a good ally (and we know allies are one use and throw away under the current SJ/activism model) and pushed trans rhetoric and avoided interacting with TERFs though I had my gut feeling that something was "off" about anti-TERFs and what they were telling people.

Anyway, one time on a feminist thread on some forum we were discussing reasons why women and girls don't come forward about sexual harassment, rape, and other things. We were also discussing the fear of predation and what we do to ensure our safety and the safety of other women and girls--normal stuff for a feminist thread. Note this was when feminist was still for women mostly and aside from trolls and MRAs, the thread was ours to discuss female relevant issues and debate the intruders.

Well here comes this one woman we assumed was a woman and she proceeds to grill me and other women as hypervigilant, paranoid, and all those other things that hurt men's feelings cause they're just trying to get to know you and get your number. I was grilled for saying I would never accept drinks from men and that if I accidentally left a drink unattended I'd pour it out buy a new one AND for being against dating men though I was and am still bisexual. "What if you met a guy and he really liked you?" Shit like that.

Some important things about this woman. She had a history of being aggressive, gaslight-y, overly chatty about kinks, and plain rude to women. She was the ultimate kool-aid drinker. On this forum we could choose to dress up our characters and change their looks as we wished provided we posted enough to earn the fictional currency. She dressed her character rather porn-y--like fantastical BDSM stuff. Nothing too hair-raising considering the sex pozzies and their everyone who doesn't like it is a frigid prude mantras.

Well, later I find out through other threads that she was a he. A trans-identified male.

So I'm thinking in the back of my mind, of course! It makes sense (every "discussion" with him was PTSD inducting/triggering my goddess!), but I didn't consciously acknowledge it. A while later in a thread about racism, I meet this guy's alternate account (dressed his avatar as a kinky Dr McCoy/Deforest Kelly) and I'm not sure it's him at first because though I've encountered many people and trolls, I was still learning to identify/profile and hunt trolls.

Okay, so he's arguing with, not debating with, and gaslighting another group of women (WoC) on the misogynoir thread. He's laying into this one chick I admired generally. At the time I was coming to the realization of what my father was and has been doing to us (his three daughters) for nearly our whole lives. My dad was an NPD. I was reading up on every resource I could after coming to that realization.

So when this TiM comes to tell Black women about how we're over exaggerating and he doesn't see what we're talking about, it all clicked a little harder. I saw the distress he was causing to this woman and it was only because I started looking at NPD and that I was not under fire from him at the time. I could clearly see what he was about without the haze of emotional torment and anger clouding my mind.

I took that moment of realization to step and call him out meme style. I said, "What you're doing, it's there and I see it." He plays innocent. The woman he was tormenting snaps out of his control and I'm not sure if she thanked me or not, but what was important was that she now understood what he was doing to her mentally.

I eventually strayed away from Gaia for several reasons... Gaia's changing culture, the double standards with the madmins (I posted an anti-white meme in the middle of an anti-Black troll thread (that I and others reported several times and were told it wasn't against the rules/it was just a discussion) which the the mods straight up ignored until I did that), the lack of quality, the trolls, and of course the prowlers like that TiM.

That was my story.


Stories from Gaia Online

I remember on Gaiaonline there was a thread extolling the virtues and pleasure of anal sex (what the F ever). So many men and women praising it and talking about how nasty vaginas were and even stating women peed through their vaginas.

It was one whole big gaslight moment for me. I was like this is insane. Cause I been through sex ed and health class and as shoddy as it was, it couldn't copare to the stupidity in that thread.

I had a to tell a woman older than me at the time about the structure of female reproductive organs, the ph levels, the cultures, and how the urethra and vagina were two different holes for two different purposes. She was so embarrassed after realizing it.

I know the human race is pretty ignorant to female anatomy to the point of it costing women's lives, but come on people! It's 2018! At this rate we'll have flying cars before we have adequate information and sympathetic attitudes toward women's health!


Furry Surgery

All my life I have had issues fitting in with others (bullied relentlessly--me shying away, keeping quiet, trying to avoid interactions due to fear) and not visually being up to standards (ugly, half-black) which lead me to feel less than human--like a monster even.

I became drawn to anthropomorphism because I felt like it was okay if it's not me that has real human feelings but an animal avatar. I noticed white people treat animals and anthro characters much better than non-White people. I also felt less ugly if I thought of myself as my fursonas. I could do more and feel more and be more than I am.

However, no force in the world would ever make me want to become an animal. Not even would I want to go under the knife and have cosmetic surgeries to look like a fox, wombat or panther. I think that would be a little too far down the well of delusion.


General Warning

My old Tumblr account name is now nest of random spam and garbage. I can't do anything about it nor do I want to go back to the festering hellhole of pedophilia and nazism that is Tumblr, but I can inform people that this Tumblr is false and NOT operated by me in any way, shape or form. I'm kind of angry though since Annedubstepfox is the one name I will not abandon. It has special meaning to me.

That said, I only leave referral links to places I have personally tried, liked, and trusted such as: Inbox Dollars, Acorns, ThredUP, iHerb and even Slidejoy to name a few. All of these sites have not done me wrong yet.

Yes you are getting credit for using these links and yes, it helps the person who shared it. No, you aren't being scammed nor is the credit to me being taken from you. We BOTH get something from the company and/or advertiser--we BOTH win.

I am stressing this because a lot of times people want the product or service but will deny their referral a credit. Technically, a person posting a referral is not begging and you never know if that one referral will make help a person out of a bad situation. 


(no subject)

Praising strong, independent badass female characters who stand on their own character wise (Shuri, Nakia, Okoye, etc.)... but putting them down on the sly because they aren't rulers are only slated next-in-line. Never mind Wakanda doesn't bar women from leadership. Never mind that female opinions and female wisdom are an integral part of Wakandan live and government.

This is another reason why I can't get into gender critical/radical feminism. They are racist on the sly and I think ignoring the nuance of Wakandan culture is where the term White Feminism is okay.

Not to make White women shut up, but to explain why it is they see things differently and why they must dictate what is and isn't acceptable for WOC empowerment. "White Feminism" as a dog whistle encourages silence whereas saying hey no offense but you as a White woman are viewing things from your white female perspective.

Anyways, I'm going to hang back and avoid discussions involving non-White things. Not because I don't want non-White female leaders or non-White female led movies, but because White feminism really can't understand why Black men and women and children are so excited about a movie like Black Panther.


Stags and Does Need a Space

So over on r/gendercritical I mentioned that bisexuals (especially bi women) should make their own spaces rather than sit in on lesbian spaces and that bisexuals have been used to further the goals of others.

Well that did not go down well with a lesbian user who stated that she doesn't believe bisexuals get used by everyone. She was also very angry and combative toward me while making vicious jests about karma and revenge as if that would fix anything.

But who better to dispute the latter point than a lesbian who hates and distrusts bisexual women to the oint of tking sadistic joy in their suffering and misery? No biases there at all! No ma'am. Obviously bisexuals can't be trusted about their own community so it needs outside opinions!

In all seriousness...

Bisexuals actually have been used to further other people's causes by trying to appeal to the bisexual struggle of being unwanted, misunderstood, cheaters, gross, perverted, slutty among other things. The sales pitch is always the same. "Hey y'all! Your struggles are similar to ours, so come help us and it will help you!" But as time and experience evidences, it's always the same one-sided relationship.

In addition to that, with many (not all) bisexuals bewitched and mobilized into SJWs, this put ALL bisexuals (but bi women especially) as a convenient "damn it doll" regardless of it they had anything to do with: infiltrating lesbian spaces or appropriating lesbian culture, trans activism/trans anything/QT, cotton ceiling/pro-rape/sexual coercion, or even been active in any and all bi communities.

But the general sentiment is that it's okay to bully bi women as a class for the crimes of other bisexuals. In fact, even before becoming active on r/gendercritical, I noticed how much sympathy and empathy lesbians and straight women extended to each other. If there was any abuse, coercion, manipulation or indoctrination or whatever else, you were a woman wronged who deserves love, healing and support. I noticed how lesbians and straight women bonded over bi-bashing just like men bonding over the mistreatment of women in general.

However, this does not make me angry or deter me from parts of gender critical and radical feminism. It's a natural consequence of such things. It does make me wary of giving too much support only to be abused in return.

That said, I am hoping to foster a group for gender critical bisexual women to educate other bisexuals and to provide support in those fleeing trans activism/queer theory. 


Purposely Obtuse Fans

I don't understand those who idolize villains and woobify them. I really don't. I also don't understand those who use mental illness as a gotcha for people who question this logic.

But the fans that love these villains without question and excuse them with mental illness are wrong. So very wrong. For most mentally ill people, these villains resemble their abusers rather than them or their fellow mentally ill peeps. I second that--a lot of the villains that people both love and hate always reminded me of my abusers and bullies.

Let's take Kylo Ren for example because some fan(atic) decided that he was mentally ill and that people pick on him because he's mentally ill.

I want to say that its okay to like villains. I love villains myself. Some villains I feel are complex and interesting. Nothing wrong with it.

However, some fans take it too far--excusing fucked up behavior or justifying it all. Sometimes they take character traits from non-white heroes and given them to their White villain woobies while ignoring and demonizing the non-White heroes.

Such is with Kylo Ren. He throws rage fits that terrify even his own troops, murdered his fucking father for power, and even tried wooing Rey to the dark side after he once kidnapped and played around in her head... just a few of his visible actions from the movies.

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