Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

What makes a good modding community?

-Central modding/resource site
Why it's important: No one wants to poke around fifty different websites to learn one simple thing. What a nightmare to send a young modder needing a tool and having to hop website to find site looking for it.
-Tools updated and archived
Why it's important: tools are what allows us to fine tune our imaginations. Without tools, we do not have the ability to transfer imagination to a medium. Ineffective tools must be honed or replaced
-Tutorials, pictures and videos accessible (disability)
Why it's important: Do I really need to explain this? If a person see the examples or hear what the older more experienced modder is trying to tell tell, they can not do much. If a person doesn't understand the process, then they can not fully get what they can do with a tool.
-All learning types accommodated for
Why it's important: People learn in different ways. What clicks for one person might not click for the next person. One person is able to get their ideas out.and published to the community  The other can only dream to even make a start.
-Friendly community
Why it's important: To encourage more creative content makers--to make sure the future of games can be a sea of diverse ideas instead of a tiny stagnant pool. A friend community makes it easier for newbs to ask for help or ask questions.
I understand that struggle makes a us stronger, but I feel the struggle should come with the creative part, not in being able to find the right tools and tutors for the job.
Tags: game modding, games, gaming, modding
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