Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Open Letter: 'Murican Embarassments

Hey dude,

Guess what? America has no official language and selecting "I do not know any other languages than English" is not a dealbreaker for most employers.

So you know what? I'm really fucking sick and tired of people like you whining and moaning about Spanish or Chinese or some other language headed by brown people. The same countries full of brown people that American interests have invaded, raided and instilled their norms upon.

You know what would be worst than saying you do not have secondary language skills on a job application?

Being abducted from your home as a child and sent to missionary run school to be literally tortured into learning the language of your oppressors. This was not that long ago by the way. Many Native Americans (of different tribes) can recall that as children they were forcibly stripped of their cultures and "Americanized" under threat of torture.

Americans did not only tortured Native Americans, but they (Native Americans) come to mind when I read about lazy Muricans stomping their entitled hooves into the ground.

And another thing? Learning a new language is NOT easy. Add in a learning disability and having no money for medications to manage that disability. Add in not having money to or resources to find a good English teacher and pay for those lessons. Easy right? No? Then shut your piehole you greasy redneck.

No love,


PS. Go fuck yourself with a rusty spoon.

Tags: colonization, english, jobs, languages, rednecks
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