Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

RID 2015 -- I Fucking Love It

When a new Transformers thing pops up, I am pretty chill about it. Every series offers something new to the overall canon or mythos. Plus that means new figures, new art styles and a new wave of fan content (not looking forward to fangirls gushing over Steeljaw x Sideswipe porns though).

Let me get to what I love the most:

Strongarm is definitely an improvement for female transformers. Bonus: she looks like a combination of both Arcee and Wheeljack. She's recognizably female, but has bigger fuller frame that doesn't try to give her robo-boobies. She's big enough to support an SUV kind of vehicle (like Red Alert in TFE) instead of the motorcycles most femmes are afforded. What I love about her even more is that she's knowledgable and capable, yet not too battle hardened like Arcee from TFP--although Arcee was that way because she lost Tailgate and Cliffjumper tragically.

Now flaws--I can definitely see Strongarm's rigid adherence to rules and regulations being a drawback. She might take a page from G1 Prowl's playbook and not be creative or flexible with solutions like say G1 Jazz who is Prowl's foil, and I guess RID 2015's Sideswipe is Strongarm's foil.
Tags: rid 2015, strongarm, transformers
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