Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Thanks to a mix of fan content, canon dtuff and meta I sort came to see John Green as bi/demi/omni--same with Demoman and Martha Jones as well as others years later. It's pretty sweet. I liked his dynamic with The Flash and enjoyed the fan fictiond born from it, but I also loved the way Green Lantern and Hawkgirl meshed.

Then again I am naturally drawn to characters I think might be polyamorous or bi or demi or even omni. Bonus if the fandom ignores, bashes or holds them to a higher standard because they're: female, queer, gender (non-)conforming OR not white (namely Black).

But maybe this is also an inner expression of myself as bi woman with poly tendacies. As I grew up rejected and abused, I tried to remain open--expand with love energy in an attempt find anyone who would love me just as much as I could love them. Of course when you try to stay open and pure hatred lashes out at you, you want close up and shrink away, nurse a broken heart and try again. Not try for the person that rejected you. No, never. But this reaching out with love energy is like a signal looking for a good wifi receiver.

So with characters that are ignored, I guess I imagine them reaching out for love and acceptance where available in the way that I do. John Green never struck me as canonly reaching out for those things, but I'm sure he'd appreciate them be they from any or no gendered folk. And I like the idea of him with Flash and Hawkgirl... either as cocurrent relationships or an equsl triangle.

Fanon, canon--whatever. It all gets mixed up in my head and builds even more interesting characters.
Tags: canon, fan content, fanon, green lantern, meta
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