Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

I am filling up my microSD with music since I factory reset my Kyocera Rise (C5155). I have at least 32GB to use. I guess. I don't know. Some of my apps I want to send to my microSD... well the apps that can be moved to the microSD.

But about the music... I'm definitely getting more from either iTunes or Google Play. Or freemusicarchive.org since that's where I get a lot of my dubstep type stuff. Either way, I like being able to grab which tracks I want instead of a whole album.

Now as far as apps, I let Dropbox know that I wannted to be able to transfer it to my microSD because they updates are sucking up nearly all of my onboard memory. Same for Mailbox. Thankfully Skype doesn't do the same shit.

After I get my files and apps sorted out as well as my bank account (I get paid on the seventh), I plan to get Ting as my mobile plan. They support my device AND their plans are reasonable. Hopefully Ting's customer service and all that isn't as maddening as Virgin Mobile's whatever-the-fuck-they-are-doing nightmare system. Yeah, I've been with Virgin mobile since 11th grade, but times are changing and they don't fit my needs any more.
Tags: apps, mobile devices, mobile plans, music, phones
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