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I'm So Livid

But I can't let anyone in real life know it--except for my mom and my sister. See, my "father" has been nicer to me while driving me to work and it's so fake I can't stand it. It literally sickens me. He's acting like the past 30 years did not happen.

What's worse is that my sister comes to work stressed before arriving because according to her he's bashing and trash talking our mum. Funny. He doesn't do that around me. All jokes and sarcasm aside, I know I won't catch him on my sister's Nikon saying the same shit.

That's one of my berserk buttons. Say anything about my mother, and I will jump on you and bite your damn throat out (not literally; I'll curse you out in all likeliness).

I can not stand his unfair attitudes to my mum. Most of the things he complains about are direct results of her trying to navigate his crazy. By crazy I mean his flip-flop attitudes and beliefs---his whole narcissisitic nature.

For example, my mother has arthritus and she's gained weight, one of the things she wants to do is to be able to use the exercise machines, and keep her joints from locking up as well as lose weight. But he wants to hold onto every piece of useless shit and add even more shit to the basement.

Another example is how when she had a job and was earning money and all, he complained and whined and stressed her out so much that she couldn't meet metrics down at her job in Milford (it was a shitty place anyhow). So after losing her job, she became the home mum again, taking care of the home and family.

Oh and let me not forget about how he complains about the house never being clean, but will shit bricks if we try to declutter surfaces so its easier to clean. His idea of clearing the clutter is putting it somewhere else to pile up and get dusty elsewhere. Not only that, but moving all the furniture to vacuum and all that takes a lot of energy out of her and me and my sister.

And he never helps.

No he sits around in his man cave (his bedroom, doesn't feel like my mother has any place in there) and plays Borderlands. I could accept this when he was on medical leave, but any other time he should be helping us instead of bitching.

But whatever. Sis and I are buying a house or getting an apartment. We're getting a car and if mum wants to come with us she can. Hell, we'll travel too. Anything to get away from that asshole because he's a two-faced bitch that only care about posessions and money.
Tags: father issues, narcissistic bastards
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