Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

I'm Being Pulled In So Many Directions

Usually when I clock in, I go straight to where HBA's bins are and I ask the leads what we're working on today. One of them gives me a task. I do the task--usually picks and bins first if not me bringing more pallets out to the salesfloor. Then I get everything back and start zoning immediately. Every time that one of the highers ups told me something new or corrected me, I have later written it down in my handy dandy notebook for future use. Because that way? It sticks better!

So yeah yesterday, Cherry tells me to start with deoderants and work my way along the back wall. As I'm working on that, Cherry-tron does a drive by and tells me to do the entire back wall. So I do that to the best of my ability and when there's time left, I start doing what I had originally set out to do--the task Cherry gave me.

Today I got everything I needed to do done quickly, but as the day wore on, I ended up doing the toothpastes as Mr. S asked. I wasn't mad. The toothpastes AND by extension the mouthwashes and denture stuff weren't too bad. I eventually found my way back tot he shampoos, conditioners, etc. to finish up there because it looked like overnight didn't do shit.

Plus there was a breastfeeding momma in the store. I don't knopw why she decided to get a folding chair from the salesfloor and feed there since the bathroom (it has a family station inside) was not too far away. But. Delaware law makes it legal for mothers to breastfeed whereever. Oh well. I wasn't bothered by it. Some of my co-workers were though.

Oh and let me not forget the two snotty brats that ran through cosmetics today. I glared at them. I glared hard. I didn't glare because they were children mind you. I adore kids most of the time. I glared because I had gone through that section, straightening things up and they came in their opening cosmetics and literally acting like minature assholes. I almost had to file a claims for a tube of lipstick because of those brats.

Sheesh. What a day. My whole body is so tired.
Tags: breastfeeding, hba, inventory, walmart, work
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