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Story Time Y'all -- Gather 'Round

Market America is a really successful scam. It's all "Rally the troops!" but not much else. Only the top people are successful and that's because of the way this game is structured. Those at the bottom are stuck paying for courses, travel, high-priced inventory (that they won't be able to sell), and uselessly trying to rupe in more sheep for the feed. The result is an endless supply of fattened (recruits fed ambitious lies) spending their money to feed the beast.

Why do I know all of this?

I lived it.

Rather, my father got involved with them and he thought it was a great idea--a solution for his problems. Well he ended up with nothing at the end of his time trying to get into Market America. My mother ended up with several rants detailing how she wasn't trying hard enough to work the Market America system. Her thing is--though she did try to help make the Market America scheme work--people just don't want a friend or casual acquaitence to go into sales pitch mode on them. He never listened or considered her trials and tribulations in his hair-brained idea.

It was the stupidest bullshit I had ever listened to--the tapes, the seminars, and crap--all designed to program you to blame your failure with them on your "supposed" laziness and not their little scheme while sucking you dry of money. Need I repeat this mindset infected my father (or maybe birds of a feather flock together) and he became even more verbally abusive toward my mom? The plan wasn't working because it's not designed to work for the 99% plain and simple.

He's fucking stupid and a loser and just... stupid.

I mean, I've made some mistakes in my life. Stupid mistakes. I've signed up for maybe one or two things that didn't go through. I've learned my lessons because there were consequences that I alone had to answer for i.e. no one for me to blame but myself. Nowadays I check into things--lookup numbers, websites, weed fake reviews from real ones, and even trust my gut. But he continues to jump on things like Market America or services we don't really need (say the tech guys who deleted Portal off of my machine), and he bullies my mother and the rest of us into it. And no one can tell him no. No one can talk to him.
Tags: idiots, market america, mlms, pyramid schemes, scams
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