Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

So, my other grandma has passed away. Thankfully her estate was settled amongst her children beforehand and she did not have debt. Unlike my father's mother who died with debt because of two snivelling rat bastard daughters taking advantage of her and stealing her money.

My mother went down to Arkansas with my older sister in order to go to the viewing and the funeral. They should be back later this morning. I didn't get to see much of my grandma. Most of the time when the opportunity came up I had to take care of other things (cook and clean because grown men sure won't) and now I have a job that's very hard to get any time off other than the standard two off days.

Well... payday is the 18th and I only need to buy a few things. A red Nikon or Samsung for my father... even though I hate him and he literally deserves nothing from me except a sharp kick in the gut. Some food stuff to cook so sis and I can be effective Walmart associates. A few superhero things for my nephew since his birthday is in July too. I want to spoil the brat. Two paychecks after that... a new laptop that doesn't have a broken D key.

Oh and shoplifters... yay. Not. Walmart is very tough on employees who steal. Their saying is that shoplifting steals from your pocket. But here's the thing, Walmart does exactly shit to catch customers who blatantly steal things from the store. This handholding, ass kissing is the reason why prices go up, employees get paid less and inventory goes missing. Not wanting to offend customers is NOT a good reason to passively lose $3million plus every year.
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