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Bad Customer #1

Saturday I had a very rude customer that acted like a queen. She asked me to get an expensive perfume for her. Then when I told her she had to go up to the register to pay for it (store policy that is enforced indiscriminately), she started saying that I ordered her around. I didn't--I'm quiet and demure as usual. I told her no I'm sorry but no I did not. She insisted and I again defended myself saying no I did not.

Exasperated, I sent her with her perfume to another associate because if I had to deal with her and her husband any longer, I was going to lose my mind and do terrible things to her. I might not make enough and I might have aches and pains from working the salesfloor, but never ever have I ever been rude or dismissive toward customers.

The thing is, I kind of sensed they were trying to bait me so they could have shit to complain about. But the only thing that sort of abuse and manipulation will get for them out of employees is a reputation as a bad customer.

Well... I'm sorry but... the customer is NOT always right. It is NOT a good philosophy. It engenders theft, abuse of employees, and the spread of bad customer service. Because of the customer is always right mantra, we now have customers that act like overgrown children.

I don't care if someone's the queen of England or bum in the street. Such behavior is unacceptable. Also, I don't care if associate so-and-so didn't go to college and become a doctor instead. That behavior from customers is unacceptable. The customer is NOT always right.
Tags: asshole customers, bad customers, lacking basic manners
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