Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Some CAP Team 1 Shit

Ugh... I hate doing counts. I get in trouble for doing them and not doing. I get in trouble for doing them as I was told to do... ugh. Count what's on the shelf, count what came out as picks... blegh.
Yesterday, I had 12 (3 packs) of Excedrin audited in bins and one of those got picked. So I go out to the salesfloor with my picks and when I get to the Excedrin, nothing on the shelf (the shelf cap is 7). The salesfloor count is seven. I've got three that were picks. I'm missing the four that were already out there on the salesfloor.

Did they get stolen?

Are they in the store somewhere?

Are they in a return basket?

Are they awaiting claims?

WHO THE HELL KNOWS? All I know is that I'm going to get heat for it. I hate Wal-Mart sometimes. I hate that me and others get yelled at for stupid shit that is way beyond our control.

So I edit the salesfloor count. Three. Three excedrins. It's all the system let me pick. I really hope I don't get in trouble. I mean most of the counts were accurate. I did what I could to ensure what was on the floor was what we actually had. Same for what we had in the backroom.
Tags: help me, retail, walmart, work
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