Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Fucking AP Guy...

He just gave me this creepy look.

It's not one of those perverted looks... it was the "I'll find something on you... eventually." look.

I'm not sweating bullets yet since his moral character is decidedly lawfully evil (IMHO). He truly wants to catch associates stealing. He couldn't give less than a fuck about customers stealing.

Then again I might've given him plenty to be suspicious of because... I kill time on breaks and lunches by window shopping. I never write my shopping list and I habitually visit products I've been wanting or needing, but have yet to save up for or buy.

Then there's my neuropathy. Everyone I work closely with knows I'm a bit heavy-handed, avoiding eye contact, I get distracted easily, misplace things, freak out over little stuff, forget things, trip up on partial cases that O/N leaves me (I love them really)... the list goes on really.

I'm a flawed human being. My issues are numerous but harmless.

As flawed as I am, I've never stolen anything in the store. I've always binned full cases into the case bins and partials into the wacos bins. Stolen and damaged goods were taken to the claims tubs.

If I have bought anything at work I kept the receipt for in case of AP fuckery. Yes I have dropped boxes of pads and tampons, but going up into the 30s bins is unnerving since I hate heights and hate the orange ladder.

Now, I understand that my word is my own and can't be taken without some doubt. Fine by me, but in the end, if this guy wants to fuck with me, I'm subpoena-ing for video evidence.
Tags: asset protection, eat dick ap, fuck you, not today damn it
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