Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Bag searches are back at my store...

...according to the breakroom rumors.I also heard one employee already had her bag searched and she threw a hissy fit.... but to be fair to her, it was probably embarrassing amd demoralizing.

I'm guessing the SM wants to crack down on employee theft. Great. Except not.

Personally, I mostly shop at Redner's or DG, but I sometimes buy at Walmart. However, I'm thinking of going cold turkey on walmart. It's not out of spite. It's just that I can't keep an extensive library of receipts on my person for every instance of AP fail.

That's ludicrous. And tiresome.

Anything I have, I bought with my slave wages. It's all mine. At no point have I ever considered stealing in any sense of the word--not from the backroom, not from any department, not any loose change on the salesfloor--yes, Wal-Mart will fire you if your pick up change off of the floor. A multi-billion dollar corporation that penny-pinches at the expense of $9/hr employees (usually in the form of forcing overtime, but making us kill said overtime so we don't get paid for it), will fire you over a penny on the floor. One FUCKING cent.

I'm in the process of changing job codes, AND looking at schooling or other jobs. Wal-Mart... was great at first, but now my body is telling me there is a problem and it's manifesting in several unhealthy ways. I can not go on like this because between my shitty family and my shitty workplace, it's all killing me. 
Tags: asshole corporations, treating employees like criminals, walmart
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