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Another fandom reject...


Preston Garvey of the Minutemen in Fallout 4. He's naive and not leader material (by his own opinion), but takes it upon himself to answer the call for help other Minutemen ignored because of his naivety. He truly believed in the cause, but with the Quincy massacre and a string of bad luck for him and the surviving settlers, Preston's faith in the cause waned... until he met Sole Survivor.

Most fans ignore Preston and outright hate him... either because repeating quests or because they say his voice actor didn't "try". Weak sauce. The quests are Bethesda's fault. As for voice acting... some people in real life sound deadpan-ish and no inflection... but Preston has life in his voice. Maybe it's not as lively as others, but let's remember that he had his faith shaken. He's seen too many battles and loss. He's a young losing hope until Sole Survivor wanders into his life.

I like Preston Garvey. I find him attractive though I'm still leaning toward women. I guess I like his his backstory, his naivety, and he's cute. He's not your strong Black dude. He has weaknesses. Plus he's easily planted between Paladin Danse and my male!Sole Survivor... such a cute trinity.

There's also that he's suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, possibly PTSD... and I read one person's account that Pretson was important to them for embodying several things they experienced or live with... and so the hatred of Preston Garvey was a reminder of the hatred and misunderstanding of them as a person.
Tags: black characters, character bashing, fallout 4, fo4, male sole survivor, minutemen, paladin danse, preston garvey, slash, what i see
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