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Dafuq Do I Know

Why is it that a person can be an absolute POS prickhead, and people will still say you don't know about them? Like, if I went around calling Mexicans rapists and thieves, I would expect people to call me a racist fuckwit. What makes Trump so special and different that his blatantly racist and sexist BS isn't what it is?

Like, he is pouring from his tiny brain and shriveled little heart, onto every platform which requires verbal and textual communication that he is a disgusting piece of trash. Anyone with a brain can tell you that the shit coming from him is racist and sexist.

As for the woman wearing the "America wasn't that great hat", good on her. You know why?

America needs to get the fuck over itself. We're NOT that great. We are deluding ourselves into thinking we're the benevolent world police (we should NOT be policing the world) and that when we invade and interupt the lives of other countries' people, we are doing it for their own good instead of our fucking self-interests. Those self interests being the robbing of their resources, the reprogramming of their infrastuctures, and the subjugation of their people... leaving broken countries and death everywhere America's origins are of genocide, slavery, class warfare, sexism, and other nasty shit.

We want to be a great country, but we don't want actually be a great country by acting right. Hmm. Y'all can miss me with that bullshit. Home Depot, supporter of Trump and other republican trash, can also miss me with that BULLSHIT.
Tags: american imperialism, capitalistic imperialism, classcism, dump the trump, fuck this shit, genocide, racism, republicans, sexism, trump supporters
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