Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

More Fallout 4 Trash

I haven’t played as the lady!sosu... a decision I have regretted. Seeing that choosing my guy!sosu Nathaniel Daisuke Walker meant that his wife Melissa Alice Walker would be “fridged” bugged me deeply... so I started a second FO4 character. That way both Nathaniel and Melissa are alive, but in alternate realities fighting malcontents, loving companions and searching for Shaun.

It's going to take a while for Melissa to reach Nathaniel's level of awesome though.

The only other thing that bothers me is how we hear about male!sosu's millitary experience and how it's interwoven into his character. We rarely get a thing about female!sosu's lawyerness other than she (1) had a law degree and (2) planned to be a lawyer (again?) to help make ends meet while her ex-millitary husband adjusted to civillian life and possibly find work.

I think it would be cool for the female!sosu to have been the soldier adjusting to civillian life and the male!ss being a SATHD planning to be a lawyer (again?). I mean it's 2077. Like, the world of Fallout acts like women haven't made strides in the millitary. At all.

Oh well. I guess my female!sosu can prove herself as a warrior in the Nuka World DLC.

Tags: female sole survivor, fo4, fo4 dlc, fridged, gender roles, male sole survivor, sex
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