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Open Letter: We Need to Chat Darlings

Fix the Minutemen. Fix the settlement system.

I’m not just saying this because I like Preston Garvey and the Minutemen. I’m not saying this because people torture Preston and even write mods to kill him (extremely creepy vile people imo). I’m not gonna touch what’s going on in their heads because… ew.

I’m saying this as someone who appreciates well-done games. I say this as someone who used to dabble in games design and stuff.

What I see here is a broken game mechanic and what it tells me (and others interested in games and building them) is that you can publish a half-assed game and be rewarded. It’s not just unfair, but false advertisement, to expect gamers to play these broken games after the hype and shelling out money for it.

So, I have an idea how the settlement portion should be handled better at the very least.

Okay so when Preston Garvey (or radio freedom) tells you there’s a settlement in need…

  • If you’re able to speak to Preston, you get a choice–you (as the general) can either handle it yourself OR order a team of minutemen to handle it (no caps, no experience, some loot which will be stowed in the castle workshop)

  • If you decide to handle it yourself, you’ll simply meet at the troubled settlement with the settler and there should be three minutemen awaiting to follow you as temporary companions. (caps, experience)

  • If unable to speak to Preston about it, Preston will wait 24 hours before he and a team of minutemen resolve the quest (no caps, no experience, some loot)

The game should automatically decide the outcome of settlement quests undertaken by AI players with a 3:1 success/fail ratio. Yes this should affect the loot hall from the mission.

Another thing is the quests being timed!

For kidnappings, I would expect a timer. That’s pretty realistic. Granted, you have given us the option to pay off the raiders to immediately resolve the matter. Impending attacks, yes I expect a timer there unless the settlement in question has good defense employed already.

However, for raiders generally being pests and having to clear them out, that shouldn’t be timed. At all.

Now, I’m sure y'all at Bethesda are far to busy to fix something that integral to the base game, but I’m just throwing this idea out there in case you’re listening and actually care.



PS. Nuka World and Far Harbor were great DLCs, but now that there are no more DLCs to do, please think about other areas of Fallout 4 that are broken.

Tags: bethesda, character bashing, fallout 4, minutemen, preston garvey

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