Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Open Letter: Mind Your Own Dx Please

Dear older sister,

I have ADHD.

I understand that you doubt that I have ADHD and I accept that.


I need you to consider that I am a separate entity from you. We have will have different views and different experiences. I have the entire general list of ADHD symptoms. I know this from deep introspection into the past and current difficulties I have had.

No two ADHD folk are the same--in fact there are seven types of ADHD as we know it. In addition to those types of ADHD, there are several learning disabilities and afflictions that may or may not be co-morbid such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, aphantasia, dyscalculia and so on.

Sometimes disabilities, personality disorders and others can range from "quiet hiccups" to full on "you can't function in society". To you I may look and act high-functioning, but a lot of times I am not capable or confident, but I try to perform all the same--even if it's too difficult.

I have largely remained unmedicated despite knowing something was wrong with me because of self-doubt, doubt from others, costs of therapy and medication, etc. and... for the record, I was officially diagnosed by actual doctors back in Germany. I remember being taken away from kindergarten and made to perform tests... and sent to special classes... I guess they wanted to assess me. I don't recall much.

It's entirely possible that the diagnosis of ADHD was wrong, but it's also the only one that explains my problems. You know... those problems with emotion regulation, lack of focus, lack of motivation, bad memory, disorganization, etc.

Older sister, you've got to realize that II try my best at everything even with ADHD in the mix, and sometimes I'm good at shit, sometimes I'm bad. Sometmes I'm having non-emotional upheaval day and other times... well it's chaos. I don't ask for much and this one thing I'm asking for right now, because I don't do this to you, is to please mind your own Dx. Again, I don't run around telling you that you don't seem this or that, so please stop doing it to me.


PS. As of 5.22.2017 I have found my evaluation papers from oh so long ago. Reading through them brough back horrid memories.
Tags: adhd, adhd stereotypes, dx, open letter, self dx
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