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Badly Written Character, I Hate You!

I guess that I'm the opposite of most fans.

If I feel a Black character (or any hated character) isn't being written well, I tend to love them 100x more than other characters (because they and their fans need that love) and think of alternatives the creators could implement and develop meaty meta for them. I understand that a character does not write themselves and has no say in who or what they are or how they act... but fandom doesn't.

Take Demoman from Team Fortress 2. He is an emotionally complex and mentally ill, full historied character who is fairly attractive and has chemistry/explosives skills and yet, fandom either bashes or ignores him. Hell, even his creators bashed him 10x worse in the comics than the other Mercs. Demoman mostly treats his team like family, and he cares for them. He loves his mum even though she criticizes him tons without ever acknowledging his hard work or showing him any love. But I guess his only role in fan fiction and fan art is to be a druken fool 100% of the time. Not to mention be the problematic one so fans can sharpen their SJW skills on him and only him.

Take Preston Garvey from Fallout 4. He is a reasonably attractive full historied character who is canonly bisexual and suffers from depression and PTSD. That shit would be loved if he were White. Make no mistake about that. Now, a lot of the hate he gets is because of the game mechanics. A lot of the Fallout 4 fandom is unwilling to take the publishers and developers to task. The rest of hate is double standards and general racial fuckery. But also... he's too nice? Really, too nice? Being nice and a decent human being is groundbreaking for a Black male character given the media's history of making them villians! But no one says much of Paladin Danse--xenophobic/racist Brotherhood beliefs aside--he's a nice guy yet the same people who hate Preston for being too nice, would love Danse being nice.

Iris West... she gets hate not solely on how she's written, but for being a Black woman (that's two strikes against her) who is involved with (interracial coupling is strike three) a White man. Her feelings are often trivialized and demonized... like real Black women in real life. She's also been bashed for having human emotions about things being kept from her. She's also taken heat for--in strong relation to being in an interracial relationship--not being a "Strong independant woman who don't need no man!!1!" Ugh. As if you can't be in a relationship AND be strong and independant? Like, being independant means you rely on yourself--it doesn't include anythng about romantic or sexual relationships. Same with strength. Makes me wonder if they apply these rules to their white female and male faves.

Take Sombra from Overwatch as another example. She gets all kinds of shit. She's not allowed to be Black and Mexican or Afro Latina. She's too powerful! She's an unblanced character! (<---Those are two complaints made against Demoman which lead to him being nerfed many times.) Sombra's hair and outfit are too bold! Really? In a game full of characters meant to stand out as to be identifiable on the battlefield? A standard set by the creators of Team Fortress 2? Literal superhero mercenaries who don't have to conform to anything? But say nothing about the other characters with their bold getups... ugh.

Hate is just something I don't do well... I'd rather take these characters and acknowledge their "flaws" and improve on them with love and imagination. I like to also challenge why it is people bash--not simply looking at a character critically as a study--characters at all. Especially Black or Black coded characters.

Edit: As of 5/24/2017 I have come to see that being badly written isn't always badly written. Sometimes people willingly and purposely misinterpret characters and make them the enemy, the useless buffon (see the viles ways that Kotaku.com talks about Finn from The Force Awakens), or whatever else that's negative. If the character is non-White then it IS about race in most cases.

This resentment and failure to acknowledge a non-White stems from White people needlessly feeling disenfranchised by seeing even one important/main character of color that is non-stereotypical. It also stems from being trained from birth via socialization and media to NOT empathize with anyone who isn't White.

This sort of thing makes for a deadly cocktail of racism and ignorance that non-Whites in real life suffer from and have no real safe space from it.

In the case of fandom, White people claim fandom as their own personal safe space, but what safe space means to them is the same thing a country club means to White people -- a place to uncurl their toes and be as racist as they want to be. Yes, I did say "want" because racism is not natural nor is it beneficial. Furthermore, you can choose to be racist or not. The choice to be racist may only seem natural because it's ingrained from the early years and it must continuously be worked out of your system.

Back to the point.

White people. If that's your idea of a safe space -- enabling or proactively engaging in racially violent behaviors -- just call fandom your country club or gated community and be done with it. The term safe space doesn't apply if it's being used to enact opression.
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