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Old Stuff On My Laptop

I found an old Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 fan fiction that I was writing years ago.

I started reading it remembering that I thought of my writing as shitty and uninspired, but now... now I kind of feel like I was WAY too hard on myself about it. I don't know where I was going with the story or if it would be multi-chaptered, but I think I actually like my style and the work in question, so I started working on it again.

I started adding stuff to the parts I already wrote and writing more. I do have to do a refresher on the franchise and the series in particular. I can't seem to recall all of the vehicle names or some of the enemies. Oh but I do remember Kyburi. She was a real piece of work.

Anyway, Agura (green member of BF5) in my story was questioning all kinds of stuff like her place and worth on the team, gender politics, and at some points, she flirts with bisexuality. Meanwhile Vert is starting to realize he has feelings for Agura and that his brand of impressing women doesn't work with every woman.

But a bigger plot is over shadowing the team antics and two new BF5 back up drivers (Pink and Black) will be showing up--my OCs. I really want to finish this story--I want to go beyond chapter 1 and be more productive. Hopefully I can.
Tags: battle force 5, bf5, fan content, fan fiction, fanfic, hot wheels
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