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Threads Unwoven | Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Hot Wheels franchise or Battle Force 5 as they are owned by Mattel and Nerd Corps. I make no money off of this work of fiction, I do not intend to and this is solely for fan entertainment.

Agura Ibaden hopped down from her ATV. Usually she was one of the first to Zeke's diner, but today she hung back, drove slowly. Preoccupation with a recent mission slowed her.Vert again had stressed "the man before the mission" and she had very nearly lost her life. Again.

Agura took a deep breath.

But they reclaimed the battle key and the Alpha Code's expansion was delayed. Those were goods things. The universe would not be conquered or destroyed or whatever the Alpha Code had planned.

Another deep breath and she straightened up before going inside.

"Slowpoke's paying!" said Spinner.

"Okay." Agura managed a normal smile and nod--anything vague focred and she would feel guilty. She sat across from them at the bar.

She was good for it. It was only six people--Vert, Stanford, Zoom, Spinner, Sherman and finally herself. Then again, today she just did not feel as hungry. Between almost dying by falling into some radioactive pit of doom on an alien world and the lack of concern for her shown by her teammates, a kernal of a nausea had germinated deep in her gut.

Pizza would just aggrevate her stomach.

It was not as if she could not take care of herself or that she believed in that tired old sexist belief that "women need to be protected"; however, she wanted some small inidcator that she was not disposable--that she was worthy of their concern.

Lately it seemed she was not.

Agura would not go as far to say they were all against her. Perhaps it was just teenaged thoughtlessness than a dangerous mixture of heavier elements. She studied them as they laughed and joked around, hoping to satisfy herself on her first theory.

"Okay everyone--za is served!" Grace came out to their table, both hands holding up pizza pans. She would be back with milkshakes. Agura was sure.

"Thanks Grace!" said Zoom. He was echoed by the other guys.

"Aw you're welcome!" said Grace. Before she could go back for the milkshakes Stanford pulled her into his lap. "Stanford?"

"We're still on for Friday right love?"

"Yes of course." And then he released her.

Agura rolled her eyes. It was hard to name what she was feeling at the moment--definitely disgust for Stanford's grabby hands. Then again, Grace seemingly did not mind (or did she grudgingly accept the standard form of "acceptable" courtship?). Agura then found herself jealous--no starved--for that kind attention even as she knew that it was a double-edged sword.

But she was one of the guys. No guy looked at her like that or talked to her like that--she might as well be a guy entirely and chase after Grace as well.

Agura felt her self flush and she raised her hands to her cheeks hoping the coolness would transfer to her face. Grace was nice. Grace was pretty. But she could not fathom easily expressing those sentiments.

She had never really been romantic with anyone.

Plus the only boy who had ever liked her was a boy named Darwin.

Little dorky Darwin. The kid in the dark green shorts and soft pink tank. He was ten. She was eleven.

He shyly stumbled over words when talking to her and never wanted to do anything she considered fun. Of course her idea of fun involved danger and adventure--his idea was quieter--a lot quieter. Books, board games... books, board games... flowers or quilting maybe? She could only name a few things he liked.

Agura managed a sigh.

Time with him was short; he came for the summer. When summer ended Darwin went back to Haiti with his family and she never saw him again.

Agura groaned and turned and rested her head on the bar. She turned even his friendship down and now he was gone. "Wake me when the bill's out Zeke."

"Hm? Alright Agura." said Zeke and he went back to watching a news feed about some alien conspiracy.

Agura closed her eyes and before she knew it the sounds of the diner faded.

She could see home in North-Western Zambia. She was Kaonde and spoke Kikaonde. Her true ancestors--name lost to time--waned as their empire collaspsed under an obscure disaster--the royal line faded but was not forgotten. As time went on they were taken in by another civilization--inter-marriages kneaded them into a new identity.

In the distance she saw her family tending the wildlife reservation. Her mother and father were busy herding and feeding the animals. Her older brother, a wildlife vetrinarian, was handling the day to day checkups on the residents. Her younger bothers helped where they could which often meant showing visitors around or cleaning up messes.

And she was just standing there in plain sight.

How long before they noticed her? Scolded her too? She did run away from home to go participate in what she thought was some kind of off-road racing event. It was her second passion--tearing up the roads and leaving boys crying in the dust of her victory.

That was the start of it all.

They all stopped in their tasks; their eyes rested on her. She turned away and found herself staring down Battle Force Five. Her family was not staring her but her friends instead.

Underneath her feet the ground began to shake and tremor until it tore apart. Agura screamed as she fell into the newly formed ravine. The deeper she fell the smaller the sky appeared. Finally all was pitch black save for the flames reaching upward for her. Agura screamed even louder as the flames transformed into long red claws and wrapped around her body.


Kyburi hissed but said nothing for the longest time. Agura's heart was pounding from the eminent danger she had come to know from the red sentient female.

"Hey Krytus! Catch!" said Kyburi with a hiss. Her wicked smile lingered in Agura's mind.

Krytus missed her. Agura now found her palms and knees resting on the dark damp floor of the Vandal jungles.

Kalus roared behind her, egging on his Vandal army as an army of dark-skinned humans also advanced, barring their seemingly ornate swords at the Vandal made spears. Agura gasped.

"What the hell is this?"

She ducked into the underbrush and watched. The leaders howled sorrowful words at each other--something about misplaced trust.

Missing children--heirs. A boy and girl. A felinoid Vandal and a human.

The war raged. Many casualties. Hundreds? Thousands?

Years and years dragged on and no one remembered why they fought or where the hate started.

Agura now found herself standing in front of a ornate stone archway inside of what was seemingly a temple or social place. Time covered it with moss and the elements wore away at its proud carvings. What she thought were ancient paintings seemed to be desperate bloody handprints instead. She traced her hands over them, trying to determine a voice telling its story across the sea of time.

Out of nowhere the carvings began to glow and the open space in the archway flickered. She then saw her childhood home and one of her brothers tossing prepared meals to the reserve lions.

A portal... to her home. On Vandal of all places? They could attack her home at any minute. Did Sage KNOW about this? If she did, why didn't she say anything?

Agura fell to her knees, stomach lurching at the sudden realization. Her home could become ground zero for an alien invasion at any moment if the Vandals found the portal and figured out how to use it.

She screamed when something grabbed her by the shoulder.


Vert Wheeler stayed back as the others left. Zeke was still trying to wake Agura, but she had been so out of it that she had fallen asleep not unlike the deep sleeps of fairy tale princesses--perhaps a little ungraceful. Vaguely he wondered how it would look if he picked her up and carried her out of the diner. Then again it was Wednesday so there were very few people who would even care to gawk.

And what if she woke up?

Vert knew that Agura did not like being in situations where she would look weak and helpless. He truly did not want to hurt her or embarrass her. "Fuck it," he muttered. He wasn't leaving her here even if Zeke and Grace would look after her.

"Hey Zeke, I'll handle the bill tonight." said Vert as he put down the exact cash amount on the counter. "Agura... Agura..."


"Agura. Hey--it's time to go."


"Come on we need to get back to the hub."

'But I'm dead... aren't I?'

"Upsy daisy princess!"

Agura screamed and tried to break away as she woke up; Vert put her down gently and held his hands up defensively.

"Whoa! I'm sorry!"

"Oh god... Kalus. I'm sorry Vert. I was having a way serious nightmare and he was there and... damn." Agura staggered as she tried to get her bearings.

"Is she okay?" asked Grace, more than a little worried.

"Yeah I think she'll be okay." Vert frowned momentarily as he watched Agura sit back down and bury her face in her hands. He then looked over at Zeke. "Hey uh Zeke, can we leave our rides here over night?"

"Yeah sure thing."

"Thanks man. I'm calling a cab."

Agura looked up Vert. Confusion marred her features. "What why?"

"Look, I'm the team leader and it's my call. I don't think you're well enough to drive home on your own right now."

Agura sighed as Vert grabbed the store phone and dialed for a taxi. She knew she was still feeling a bit off, but there was, in her opinion, no reason to be this cautious. Vert was overreacting... which he never did. He approached every problem with his cocky attitude and one-liners. But now? Now he tried to carry her in his arms and he was overly concerned and he was forbidding her to drive.

"Twenty-five minutes? Okay thanks man. Bye." Vert put the phone in its cradle.


Chapter End | Chapter 2
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