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Ah Loneliness...

...my constant friend.

I spent much of today sleeping, writing fan fiction, and replying to vents on muttr.com, I didn't have anything to do with anyone... why bother?

But then I remembered I could at least play Pokémon GO. I don't usally like being outside by myself cause I get unnerved by it, so I put on a coat so I wouldn't feel so vulnerable. Don't ask me how that works. I don't understand it myself.

Anyway, going out for a walk at night was much needed. I got a bunch of dittos that were hanging out in the nearby shopping center. Two hoothoots were having a staring contest, and yes, one of them was not a real hoothoot. It was yet another ditto. That was pretty cool.

But after I came back into the house I felt like shit afterwards because I started thinking about how no one noticed. I just up and left, no explanation, and went to who knows where, and no one cared. Hell my sister playing video games in her room didn't notice. I doubt she would care.

This feeling's going to pass, but right now it hurts so much. I'll go take a bath and try to relax a little. A hot bath with some lavender ought to help me calm the fuck down.
Tags: hurt, loneliness, no one would miss me, sadness
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