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OMG Have You Even Seen These Dorks

Old as fuck news... but I can't believe that people once literally believed that Sebastian Stan hates Anthony Mackie.

How can anyone sit and watch their interactions in various interviews and think that either one hates the other? That Sebastian Stan HATES Anthony Mackie?

Literally every fucking sentence out of that cutie-pie's mouth is about Anthony Mackie full of admiration and love. And Anthony? He couldn't let any interview slide without telling the world how attractive Sebastian is and how wonderful he is...

And of course these two friends... love each other. They can't go one fucking interview without proclaiming that love, making eyes at each other, giggling and laughing at each other's awful (dorky) jokes, and other shit. It's all so pretty--and I mean pretty as in you could take the essence of their friendship and use it as a healing agent. It's so magical and fullfilling and real that you could use it as paints and make a majestic art piece.

Like... I don't even know what else to say... they fell into a deep memorable platonic love? And it's good and wholesome and pure and just freaking healing? They're legit dorky id*ots together?
Tags: actors being dorks together, anthony mackie, dorks, friendship, sebastian stan
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