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I Need to Prove Myself to Nameless Faceless Coward I Guess

Ok Tumblr Anon.

You can believe what you want about me. I don't really have a beard (that I must literally shave everyday in order to not draw negative attention) according to you. Well, I’m certainly not in a position to get my phone and take pictures of my facial hair given my busted leg, but even if I were, I literally would not.

But let me tell you it was so embarrassing having a single thick dark hair sprout in the middle of my neck at 15 years old. It was always pluck it, watch it grow back within hours, and worry someone might see it. I was already bullied enough for an assortment of reasons and I didn’t need that added in. And then more hairs came along in the following years--even some on my chest.

Oh and all that time there were painful periods where I would just take twice the recommended pain pills and eventually sedate on benadryl. Because pain right? And don't get me started on when my ovaries (mostly the left one) decided it would be cute to detonate eggs inside of me and have the pain linger for months on end. Or how my periods that used to happen every month started going MIA for months at a time.

But yeah. I don't have a beard or PCOS. I don't have mood swings.
Tags: anonymous assholes, facial hair, health issues, pcos, sarcasm
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