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Oh baby... harder please...

Lords of the Fallen is one of those games.

It's one of those games that forces me to take long breaks from playing. When I say long breaks from playing, I mean weeks to up to months between attempts. It’s that fucking hard.

This is not a new thing for me.

Flashback to Orphen: Scion of Sorcery on PS2. There were plenty of moments that I took break from, but the final boss battle? That was some rough ass shit. I took nearly an entire year to mentally digest my failed strategies and my timing. The very day I picked up that dualshock controller after a long hiatus, I whooped that sonuvagun's giant arse.

Outside of games, I employ this very same tactic. I force myself to work at something difficult, then I take a break and let my unconscious self play around with the pieces of the "puzzle". When I come back to a thing that stumped me, I come back stronger and with results.

Lords of the Fallen might be hard--but that just makes me want to try harder. It just makes me enjoy the challenge all the more. And I'm an "old" lady who's not whining about it.
Tags: difficulty, games, learning curve, learning types, lords of the fallen, lotf, video games
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