Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
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I'm at Wit's End

Error code CE-34878-0--crashed Fallout 4 exactly 12 times trying to take Nuka Red Rocket from the Operators. Crashed one more time after succeeding and fast traveling back to the site and Operators had respawned.

Pre acquisition of site: crashes while scoping,crashed while executing criticals

Post acquisition of site: crashes engaging in combat without scoping or VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targetting System)

So I have done everything--save reinstalling FO4 and even reinitializing the PS4--but no avail. FO4 crashes under those circumstances---the combat, the deletion of settings, the deletion of autosaves and quicksaves. I am NOT uninstalling a HUGE game--that's a BIG chunk of bandwidth. I also don't want to risk Sony's "LOL that's not ur pazzw0rd or DOB! ;P" when trying to get my account stuff in order. I already lost one account.

My error reports have included various notes about the conditions under which the crashes occur, but one glaring thing is that it happens in NUka World. I don't really want to delete that DLC, but it seems like it is the biggest problem. In my latest error report I mentioned that Nuka World has serious frame rate issues (fighting nuka raiders, switching to a nuka weapon, etc.). I'm hoping that either Sony OR Bethesda has a better solution than delete HOURS of gameplay.

Sigh... sadly nothing will be done though.

Tags: error code ce-34878-0, fallout 4, fo4 errors, nuka world dlc
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