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Preston is NOT The Only FO4 Character Who Gives Radiant Quests

So there's this sentiment in the Fallout 4 fandom about a certain Wasteland Angel and well... it's ignorant as fuck. I'm talking about a meme that says you do all the work and Preston just chills at Sanctuary Hills.

(1) Every game ever has you do the bulk of the work--it's called missions, objectives, quests -- what have you. You are the player character, then you will be doing the god damned work. Bethesda is no exception in their games. You often take on important roles such as the Archmage (Oblivion, Skyrim) or in Fallout 4's case, General of the Commonwealth Minutemen.

(2) Preston doesn't have to stay at Sanctuary Hills -- he should given the shitty events that happened between Quincy and and Concord, and it's toll on his mental health -- but he doesn't have to because he's always willing to help you the player character. All you have to do is ask him to come with you and guess what? He doesn't give you lip or bad mouth you for it. He comes with you willingly as a friend and subordinate soldier of the Commonwealth Minutemen.

(3) If you take Preston Garvey with you, and you know how to use the god damned flare gun (hint: must be fired in the direction of a settlement), not only do you have a same faction companion fighting by your side (Preston's a good sniper btw), you have Minutemen summoned to your aid. In my case, I summoned six level 30 Minutemen who helped me and Preston both fuck up the Hub City Gunner's day. We fucking wrecked them and took their shit. Every last MM survived that raid too.

(4) You're doing work for other characters while they "chill" wherever. Paladin Danse (if you join the Brotherhood of Steel) who will direct you to Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen for radiant quests. Porter Gage who will not only kidnap you and throw you through some twisted ass gauntlet, but you will be doing things for him too--even play gopher to the three raider gang leaders (again radiant quests). Same for the Railroad and the Institute with their Radiant quests.

So, the settlement jokes and memes deriding/defaming Preston Garvey's character are really in bad taste and show that some people have selective memory issues as well as favoritism issues.


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