😟 sad

Listens: I See The Light -- Mandy Moore

I'm scared that if I go to an endocrinologist, they'll tell me I'm exaggerating and that it's all my head.

That scares me because that has literally been my entire life--people ignoring my thoughts and feelings about the body I live in 24/7.

It's just like my older sister telling me I don't have ADHD when I'm the one with affected the brain in question. And the evaluation papers.

I guess... I don't want it to be like the time I went to the OB-GYN. Not only was she creepy demanding eye contact all the time, she was dismissive and rude of my health concerns.

But let's pretend I do go to the endocrinologist and they take my concerns serously.

What if I do have hypothyroidism and pcos? What then? Those are near incurable illnesses. What do I do? What medications will I have to try and afford even with insurance? Side effects too?

I hate life.


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