😟 distressed

It Begins

I won't be posting journals for a very long time. Not that I post anything interesting... or that I even have friends.

A month at the most.

I want to force myself to stay away from shopping because it seems like every time I  get stressed, I shop. Online shopping happens to enable me the most. I guess it's because growing up we never had much. Sis and I weren't even allowed to get jobs at fourteen.

Anything given to us as gifts were easily taken away as if they weren't given to us at all. And... hand-me-downs... ugh. Nuff said.

Money's tight and I need to cut every expense I can in order to keep my father from draining us (my sister and I). It would be a travesty if we could no longer afford food and essentials like soap and clean clothes.

Thankfully, I can stop this... I can do this. We will not have to suffer further if I can get a new job or get into school.


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