😨 drained

Still not dead yet...

I went through some weird shit. My heart was acting up--palpitations caused by lung inaction. I also had some sort of viral/bacterial infection in my lungs. Mucus filled my right lung and then my left and they would switch every so often being sick and weighted down. It was difficult to move. Jostling my lungs would hurt them and my heart. I looked everywhere for every symptom I felt, but what other people described didn't seem to match   

I took to krill oil, magnesium, and such when it was just my heart. When it was my lungs, I started with mucinex equivalent and licorice tea. Then I started taking echinacea, golden seal, vitamin C, elderberry, zinc... and when that wasn't helping too well, I grabbed dayquil equivalent as well as fish mox.

I'm doing so much better, but I'm worried I'm not out of the proverbial woods yet. I guess I'm thankful to be alive this thanksgiving day, but death and the unknown are always stalking not far behind.


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