Coming out Slowly as Gender Critical

So.... lately, I've been sharing gender critical views. These views are held as serious blasphemy against liberal/fun feminist spaces where trans inclusivity reigns supreme. It's treason really.

I have serious grievances with trans politics, trans cultism, and trans activism, but what could I say that hasn't been posted by other more well-versed and well-spoken radical feminists?

I would like to say that I did indeed start out as pro-trans even if it did not make sense to me. I supported trans this and trans that even when red flags popped up (lots of flags I ignored to be a good 'cis' ally).

I smiled behind a weary knowledge of what it truly means to be female while trans identified males put on the gendered trappings and proclaimed themselves real or better females. I had a sickening feeling in my gut whenever a natal female described her gender dysphoria which sounded eerily like the internalized misogyny that stalked my life in my teens.

I watched woman after woman be de-platformed for supposed hateful transphobic speech. I watched dog-piles happen on Tumblr over random girls talking on their own personal blogs about their bodies and periods and general girl problems. I watched blacklists and call-outs grow over trivial things. I watched people assert their boundaries over little things and say others have rapist mentalities for asking why they can't agree and reblog a user's post just because they have tiny view that the other doesn't agree with.

I heard about older trans people spoon feed younger "trans" generations trans as a magic cure-all for all their gender woes. I heard of parents not going along with those wishes and the confused kid starts looking for a trans sugar daddy/momma to feed their troubled mind the money to irreversibly harm themselves.

I watched the threats of rape and violence from trans identified males toward women who disagreed or did not want penis or fake vagina in their lives and bedrooms. I watched as intersex and bisexuals were rallied like pawns in defense of trans identified males' feelings and autogynephilic fantasies. I watched detransitioners be ignored, harassed and even banned from from trans events as if their experiences were not valid. I watched transmaidens help suppress any information that goes against trans ideology.

I watched transrace (a magic backdoor for cultural appropriation and privilege) and transage (another magic backdoor, but this one is for pedophiles like Stefonknee Wolscht) slowly rear their ugly heads after transgender opened the door for them to come in and also wreck shit. 

All that time I stayed silent, and it all just boiled over in the last six months. Well after that I started reading all the forbidden lest ye be judged a TERF writings and communities. I was so angry at everything I had observed before becoming gender critical and so relieved at every thing I found after becoming gender critical.

I do not care how many times people try to silence me or others, thoughts and feelings will surface and bubble up elsewhere. People are going to wake up just as I did. All it starts is with asking questions and doing so opens all kinds of doors to let in the wind that will blow down the house of cards.

I want to add that #peaktrans isn't nor will it ever be about denying trans people human rights or enacting violence on them. What #peaktrans is about is the sudden realization that what you're being told and what's really going on don't match up--it's about all the things I mentioned above.


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