Loud Male Voices

This isn't a hate post, but I as reading around one Tumblr, logged out of course since I no longer enjoy Tumblr, I came across a discussion that resonated with me.

Loud male voices terrify me. They send jolts of fear through me and make me hypervigilant even if the voice isn't angry. If it's intelligible or sudden, it does the same damn thing.

I guess it's because my father was always loud--especially when being angry and abusive as fuck. His ways of being were just so disruptive and unsettling that it caused me to develop a fear of loud voices--male especially--as well as loud noises. He did slam doors and throw things after all.

So that was the discussion--well not discussion, mostly women chiming in to confirm that loud male voices also terrify them and make them go into survival mode. 


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