I don't normally advertise things on my blog, but money's tight and I tried ThreadUP as a customer and I loved it. I wanted to share my experience as well as my referral link in case anyone wants good clothes.

Bear in mind that ThredUP is slightly more expensive than other second hand stores because... well I'm guessing it takes a lot of money for web hosting and management, advertising, warehouse rent space, consignment processing, shipping, payroll stuff, etc.

Anyway, I ordered $516.11 retail value stuff. It was all $152.89 and because of the discount that shaved $61.16 off of my order, it came to about $91.73... no shipping.

I entered my sizes for various categories, looked through the selections and made my order. I received about 9 pairs of great looking pants, one shirt, and a pair of flats--fitting exceptionally well on me. I have been doing good at saving money despite things being tight at the moment, so I'm not worried about having spent $91.73 on clothes. Besides, my favorite pair of jeans died due to being one of my few pairs and thus overworked. I had to recycle them.

It's good to have more clothes in my case since growing up, I never really had great looking clothes or many clothes for that matter. It was always an easy go-to for my bullies aside from my race and looks. Even in the adult world, people will treat you less than shit because you're clothes are obviously old and worn and few.

Anyway, here's my referral LINK for 10% off on a ThredUP order.


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