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Purposely Obtuse Fans

I don't understand those who idolize villains and woobify them. I really don't. I also don't understand those who use mental illness as a gotcha for people who question this logic.

But the fans that love these villains without question and excuse them with mental illness are wrong. So very wrong. For most mentally ill people, these villains resemble their abusers rather than them or their fellow mentally ill peeps. I second that--a lot of the villains that people both love and hate always reminded me of my abusers and bullies.

Let's take Kylo Ren for example because some fan(atic) decided that he was mentally ill and that people pick on him because he's mentally ill.

I want to say that its okay to like villains. I love villains myself. Some villains I feel are complex and interesting. Nothing wrong with it.

However, some fans take it too far--excusing fucked up behavior or justifying it all. Sometimes they take character traits from non-white heroes and given them to their White villain woobies while ignoring and demonizing the non-White heroes.

Such is with Kylo Ren. He throws rage fits that terrify even his own troops, murdered his fucking father for power, and even tried wooing Rey to the dark side after he once kidnapped and played around in her head... just a few of his visible actions from the movies.

Yet fans love him. They reinterpret his actions as romantic and not creepy at all. They show zero empathy for his victims. What concern they show Rey is in relation to him--as an object for him and his needs.

And we're supposed to feel sorry for him. We're supposed to see him as a tragic mentally ill man and go poor Kylo Ren you deserve everything good in the world and here's this girl who hates you but we should write her as lusting loving you instantly and forgetting about her family and friends that she loved and who love her.

Well I don't.

And I don't agree that he doesn't deserve a redemption arc; I just think that he doesn't deserve a redemption arc where everything is sunshine and rainbows and everyone forgives him and those who don't are bad and don't have a right to their feelings of anger and fear about him.

Bottom line is that the stigmatization of villainy is NOT the stigmatization of the mentally ill. It may seem that way with people using mental illness to explain serial killers and mass shooters and other violent cruel people, but trust and believe many with mental illness live just fine without assaulting people or committing crimes.

Basically stop throwing us under the bus to support white male villains' breaking laws, hurting and abusing others.

Also, I do use villains. Right now I'm doing Gage/Preston, but again all that Gage is and has done will be up for debate. Same with Brock Rumlow in the Brock/Samantha thing I'm writing. These villains are not completely non-redeemable but won't be trusted or forgiven by literally everyone--especially immediately.


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