General Warning

My old Tumblr account name is now nest of random spam and garbage. I can't do anything about it nor do I want to go back to the festering hellhole of pedophilia and nazism that is Tumblr, but I can inform people that this Tumblr is false and NOT operated by me in any way, shape or form. I'm kind of angry though since Annedubstepfox is the one name I will not abandon. It has special meaning to me.

That said, I only leave referral links to places I have personally tried, liked, and trusted such as: Inbox Dollars, Acorns, ThredUP, iHerb and even Slidejoy to name a few. All of these sites have not done me wrong yet.

Yes you are getting credit for using these links and yes, it helps the person who shared it. No, you aren't being scammed nor is the credit to me being taken from you. We BOTH get something from the company and/or advertiser--we BOTH win.

I am stressing this because a lot of times people want the product or service but will deny their referral a credit. Technically, a person posting a referral is not begging and you never know if that one referral will make help a person out of a bad situation. 


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