Furry Surgery

All my life I have had issues fitting in with others (bullied relentlessly--me shying away, keeping quiet, trying to avoid interactions due to fear) and not visually being up to standards (ugly, half-black) which lead me to feel less than human--like a monster even.

I became drawn to anthropomorphism because I felt like it was okay if it's not me that has real human feelings but an animal avatar. I noticed white people treat animals and anthro characters much better than non-White people. I also felt less ugly if I thought of myself as my fursonas. I could do more and feel more and be more than I am.

However, no force in the world would ever make me want to become an animal. Not even would I want to go under the knife and have cosmetic surgeries to look like a fox, wombat or panther. I think that would be a little too far down the well of delusion.


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