Stories from Gaia Online

I remember on Gaiaonline there was a thread extolling the virtues and pleasure of anal sex (what the F ever). So many men and women praising it and talking about how nasty vaginas were and even stating women peed through their vaginas.

It was one whole big gaslight moment for me. I was like this is insane. Cause I been through sex ed and health class and as shoddy as it was, it couldn't copare to the stupidity in that thread.

I had a to tell a woman older than me at the time about the structure of female reproductive organs, the ph levels, the cultures, and how the urethra and vagina were two different holes for two different purposes. She was so embarrassed after realizing it.

I know the human race is pretty ignorant to female anatomy to the point of it costing women's lives, but come on people! It's 2018! At this rate we'll have flying cars before we have adequate information and sympathetic attitudes toward women's health!


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