Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Open Letter: Yoko Y U Do This

Dear Yoko,

It's been a year and some months since you did what you did. Remember when Sparky got us all together in a Steam chat? Remember when you told him that I made you uncomfortable?

I haven't been able to put that away. I haven't been able to just get over it. I guess I couldn't because I didn't know what I did wrong. I'm living in this cautious haze of "don't interact with anyone at all because you'll fuck up". I became your boogeyman--your villain--and I don't know how or why.

I felt hurt, lost, angry…. because I went into the roleplay with no harmful intentions. I just wanted to do a naughty group roleplay with a friend and his friends. Hell, I wanted to get to know you and the others. But I somehow made you uncomfortable?

Please help me understand what I did wrong in a roleplay. I need to know because I don't want it to happen again with someone else. I'm NOT the kind of person who does evil things intentionally. The way I see it, you and I had NOTHING to fight about or anything. It was heartbreaking to be done that way by a person I was eager to become friends with… I don't know how else to explain that though.

By the way, I want you to know that a month later I got served another heartbreak. I was dumped by a guy I loved. He enjoyed it. Enjoyed hurting me badly. Did you enjoy hurting me too?

Really Yoko, what did I do wrong? Why did I make you uncomfortable?


PS. I know this letter sounds horribly angry and stuff, but I'm not angry. I'm actually drowning in my own tears as type this letter.
Tags: anger, breakups, broken hearts, closure, hurt, miscommunication, open letter, rejection
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