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I Hate the TF2 Fandom Sometimes

Yes, Demoman was rather unkind about Sniper. Yes, Demoman called Sniper a lunatic and all. But, if you're willing to overlook the other mercs AND Sniper especially when they were problematic pricks too and only focus on Demoman's flaws, you're a damn hypocrite with an agenda.

And by the way, your Australian woobie is being held up and supported by Demoman who fandom and the writers literally shit on daily--in the comics, in fan art, fan fictions, etc. Demoman, despite his own emotional state and past, is being a pillar of strength for your weakened can-never-do-wrong woobie. He is casting aside his own feelings and shit to make sure that asshole Aussie woobie of yours makes it out alive.

Now, I love Demoman and as a Black character, he needs a lot of love and support that the fandom doesn't give him. But at the same time, I don't agree with everything he's said or done. He says problematic shit. I often express discomfort or guilt for those things he's said or done. I also love Sniper and the others, but I'm not willing to ignore the shit they say or do and put them up on pedestals.

Yes, they are human. Yes, they make mistakes. However, that doesn't mean they should get a free pass and frankly TF2 fandom, I'm tired of your shit where you excuse one character and go to town on another character fandom. Get YOUR shit together.
Tags: asshole fans, demoman, double standards, fandom, fandom bullshit, fandom racism, hypocritical fans, sniper, team fortress 2, tf2
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