Dubstep Ender Fox (annedubstepfox) wrote,
Dubstep Ender Fox

Women don't read/write/like/draw femcentric because it's too close to home/too personal!!!1!

Not for me (and I feel like I'm in the minority here). I like stories that are close and personal. I like stories with people and elements that I can touch and know without feeling like too much of an outsider. I can look at characters and get to know them inside and out... and I love it! I guess though it's because I'm lonely and really need people to relate to since everyone treats me like shit and ignores me.

Furthermore, why's it a bad thing to relate to a female character or to get intimate (I mean this non-sexually but sexual is okay too) with a female character? Why? Why is it so godawful to identify with or become invested in a female character? Why is it a bad thing to just attempt to like a female character or at least understand her better?

We need female characters of all walks of life (heights, weights, sexualities, genders, neurotypes, races, nationalities, etc.). I don't care if people feel it's pandering to women (and having a the media stuff to the brim with shiny white power fantasy for white guys isn't pandering?). I don't care if people feel they are badly written (and let's look at how often men are considered badly written... not often unless he's not white, cis, attractive and straight!). I don't care if people feel that their slash dreams are threatened by women existing (NEWSFLASH: you can still write your slash ships and best of all, you can do it without harmful tropes OR bashing women!).

See, as I've said before, I used to read m/m specifically. But then I got tired of exploring myself through masculine bodies and identities. I got tired of relating myself to male characters because they were "better written" and shying away from women as if they were aliens or diseases. I got tired of thinking the grass was greener on the other side, and definitely stopped tricking myself into thinking that "different = better and non-problematic".

I think I even started hating my body even more and women in general. Now I hate my body less* and I love women more today--especially women characters. I am more cautious about my own thoughts and I think critically about fandom politics where it regards any kind of minority.

*I still have hangs up considering the narcissists in my life as well as being bullied by peers or outright ignored--rendered invisible for not being as pretty as my sisters or friends.
*This isn't a jab at anyone but a plea to stop the stigma and stop normalizing fem hate in fandoms so that it doesn't take root into young girl's minds--and this includes trans girls.
Tags: f/f, fan content, fandom, fandom misogyny, fandom politics, femcentric, femslash, women
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